Coral Books places itself as a brand-new, disruptive publishing project, striving to bring art publishing to a truly contemporary level.

We aim for more than two-dimensional artwork reproductions; instead, we challenge artists to design an entirely unique piece that not only stands as an object of desire, but also materializes as a book concept. Embracing the book as object – its materiality, its plasticity and playfulness; the book itself and its possibilities understood as art, therefore bringing a sense of exclusiveness –, we work closely with contemporary artists whose work, undeniably Portuguese in character, connects with the most prominent work in the rest of the world. Our books, published under the “Art Series” seal of exclusivity, therefore reach the status of genuine artwork, luxuriously manufactured and published in series of no more than 200 copies, each numbered and signed by the artist.


  • Ricardo Afonso

    Editorial Director

  • Natércia Ribeiro

    Executive producer, editor

  • Andreia Faria

    Editor, copy-editor

  • André Cardoso


  • Daniel Dias

    Art assistant

  • Vanessa Magalhães

    Assistant producer

  • Andreia Ruano


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