The Impossible Journey

Álvaro Siza

Art Series

Art Series

200 copies, signed by the author and numbered + 10 AP

495,00 Euros

Facsimile edition of one of Álvaro Siza’s sketchebooks. This exclusive piece, signed by the author, with no more than 200 copies, is kept inside a wooden box designed by Álvaro Siza himself.

One of the greatest architects of all time, Álvaro Siza is also known to be a compulsive drawer. When he was gifted a foldout sketchbook, Siza started drawing a narrative of both biblical and mythological resonance. He then entrusted Coral Books with the reproduction of this very special sketchbook, for which we picked the best materials, techniques and craftsmanship. A booklet with essays by Enrico Baleri, the master of Italian design, and art historian Bernardo Pinto de Almeida complements the sketchbook.


Álvaro Joaquim Melo Siza Vieira was born in Matosinhos (near Porto), in 1933.

From 1949-55 he studied at the School of Architecture, University of Porto.

He taught at the School of Architecture (ESBAP) from l966-69 and was appointed Professor of "Construction" in 1976; he taught at the School of Architecture of Porto.

He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Science, "Honorary Fellow" of the Royal Institute of British Architects, AIA/American Institute of Architects, Académie d'Architecture de France and European Academy of Sciences and Arts and American Academy of Arts and Letters.



Hand bound; 72 offset printed pages; one color printing in 240 gr Munken Lynx; hardcover enclosed in mesh fabric jacket (BN Natur). Signed and numbered by Álvaro Siza.


Designed by Álvaro Siza; produced by SPSS, made with Canadian cedarwood; 162 x 240 x 46 mm.

** Paratexts **

A5 foldout booklet; one color printing in Pop Set Hot Brown 400 gr.

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